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Cetop 2 - Pressure Relief Module P Port AM2.VM.P.C.3.00.1

Cetop 2 - Pressure Relief Module P Port AM2.VM.P.C.3.00.1


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Cetop 2 Pressure Relief Module - P port

Part: AM2.VM.P.C.3.00.1

AM.2.VM type pressure regulating valves are available with an operating pressure range of 4 to 250 bar. Adjustment is via a grub screw. Two base versions are available: AM.2.VM.. single on A or B, and double on A and B lines, with drainage on T; AM.3.VM.P.. single on P line, with drainage on T. 4 different types of springs can be mounted on all versions, with the adjustment range specified in the specifications. The cartridge used is the CMP.02 type.

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