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12cc Pump + 1 Litre Reservoir - 106.014.00018

12cc Pump + 1 Litre Reservoir - 106.014.00018


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12cc Pump + Release Valve + Lever + 1 Litre Reservoir

12cc Double acting hand pump suitable to operate single acting applications. This 12cc Double acting hand pump with lever comes complete with a 1 litre reservoir equipped with a tapered lowering valve. The 12cc Double acting hand pump come with a nodular cast-iron body with cataphoresis anti-corrosion treatment and nickel-plated spool.

The 12cc Double acting hand pump is pressure rated to 350 bar with a full displacement of 12cc (6.1cc pull and 5.9cc push).

The 1 litre reservoir is ideal for small actuators and circuits.

This particular sized hydraulic pump is commonly used on ramps and ramp applications. The Release Knob allows for fixing the load for long periods without leakage and easy lowering. Typical applications include:

  • Mobile Yard Ramps
  • Loading Bay Equipment
  • Goods Lifts
  • Garage Car Lifts
  • Hydraulic Jacking

We have supplied thousands of these items over the years and are happy to supply one off items as well as large bulk orders for OEMS in volumes of upto 1000 off over a year to meet lean manufacturing requirements.

This item is the pump unit only. You can also buy additional spares, reserviors or pump and reservoir items from this site.

You can order online or make your order over the phone. We carry a full range of hydraulic hand pumps so if you would like to discuss a varient option please feel free to get in touch.

Ref: 106.015.00017 (OMPMSS12L)

Part Number: OMPM12LS1 - 106.014.00027

Double acting hand pump with lever
Complete with reservoir
12cc per cycle

Cast iron body with anti-corrosive treatment RAL9004

Tapered release lowering valve
Stainless steel piston rod
Pump cartridge: all steel construction
Hi strength aluminum body
Nickel plated parts
Low operating effort required
ISO 9001
Rugged construction
Low leakage
Long life, hard wearing Buna seals are standard
1 litre reservoir capacity
High Strength aluminum and PTFE Nickel plated screws
Breather plug
Suction tube fitted
Weight 4.5kg
Oil, suitable for 32 grade


Commidity Code: 84132090
Country of Origin - Italy


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