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12cc Pump + Directional Valve + 3 Litre Reservoir - 106.016.00034

12cc Pump + Directional Valve + 3 Litre Reservoir - 106.016.00034


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Part Number: OMPMI12LS3 - 106.016.00034

Double acting hand pump with lever
Complete with reservoir
12cc per cycle
Adjustable Relief Valve
Stainless steel piston rod
Pump cartridge: all steel construction
Hi strength aluminum body
Nickel plated parts
Low operating effort required
ISO 9001
Rugged construction
Low leakage
Long life, hard wearing Buna seals are standard
3 litre reservoir capacity High Strength aluminum and PTFE
Nickel plated screws
Breather plug
Suction tube fitted
Weight 5.6kg
Oil, suitable for 32 grade


Commidity Code: 84132090
Country of Origin - Italy





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