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Protective Blanket - PB3372C

Protective Blanket - PB3372C


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Protective Blanket - PB3372C

Size: 838 x 1828mm
Number Of Straps: 3
Weight: 5.3kg

Power Team protective blanket – Our blankets are designed to contain broken or flying parts from the most extreme forces, thus resulting in a much safer work environment.

Testing results – In our lab, this style of blanket held the parts of a necked-down grade 8 bolt, which shattered in a 100 ton center-hole hydraulic cylinder. The blanket sustained no visible damage when shot with a force and impact that shattered safety glasses!

  • Made of see-through, high-tensile, tear resistant material. 
  • Effectively contain broken or flying parts from the most extreme pulling, pressing, pushing or stressing forces. 
  • Ideal for use with pullers and forcing presses.


  • Unlike rigid, fixed guards, these blankets can be wrapped and strapped around a job.
  • The clear protective blankets allow you to visually monitor the job from start to finish.
  • Protective blankets come in a carrying/storage pouch to reduce aging caused by prolonged exposure to light.


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Protective Blanket - PB3372C