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Inline Pressure Relief Valve - 3/8 bsp ports VMP6.C.3

Inline Pressure Relief Valve - 3/8 bsp ports VMP6.C.3


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Pressure Relief Valve - 30 lpm - 300 bar

VMP.6 - Inline relief 3/8 bsp ports

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These pressure control valves are available in the basic VMP* maximum pressure, VSP* sequence and VUP* exclusion versions, with a single pressure value and three calibration ranges that cover the band 15 ÷ 400 bar. It is possible to use auxiliary pilot valves, which can be the simple standard AD3E solenoid valve, by the mere exchange of covers. These valves have been fitted with an important safety feature for the operation of the system where they are used; a mechanical end of stroke stop prevents the operator from setting pressure values higher than those specified in the catalogue (it is impossible to compress the spring completely). In the standard configuration these valves are supplied with a 1.6 bar main spring and with calibrated ø1 mm pilot feed orifice (Variant part No. 00).

Subplate mounting valves are suitable for covers which do not conform to DIN standards type C*P16/25.. whilst in line mounting valves are suitable for DIN standards covers type KEC16/25...


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