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Inline Pressure Relief Valve - 3/4 bsp ports VMP30.C.3

Inline Pressure Relief Valve  - 3/4 bsp ports VMP30.C.3


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Pressure Relief Valve - 100 lpm - 350 bar

VMP.30 - Inline relief - 3/4 bsp ports

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The maximum pressure valves VMP30... are piloted action units. Their use is essential for the limitation of hydraulic system pressure. In order to achieve a more convenient calibration adjustment the whole pressure range (7÷350 bar) has been subdivided into 3 smaller bands, as shown in the ordering part number table. For each pressure band a different calibration spring is used, selected for the corresponding minimum operating pressure. The CMP30 cartridge is a piloted action unit.

These piloted action valves offer an important safety feature for the systems in which they are used: a mechanical end of stroke stop prevents the user from setting pressure values higher than those specified in the catalogue (it is impossible to compress the spring completely).


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