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Logic Element Cover Series 16 - KEC.16.RI.00.2

Logic Element Cover Series 16 - KEC.16.RI.00.2


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Cartridge Valves

Logic Element Insert Cover series 16


ARON cartridge valves are basically composed of a cover and an operating unit insert in the ISO 7368 (DIN 24342) mounting frame. Each cartridge valve is characterized by 2 main way for the nominal flow (up to 350 l/ min).

By combining the various covers, operating units and connections within the block, many different functions can be obtained like: direct control, non-return, hydraulically piloted non-return, pressure control, flow rate regulation, as well as a combination of these same functions.

Thanks to their design features and operational flexibility, cartridge valves can be used to:

  • speed-up machine cycles, and therefore increase productivity and efficiency (better response time compared to traditional valves);
  • ensure minimum thermal dissipation (tanks to the passageway dimensions);
  • reduce the hydraulic plant weight (tanks to the compact functions block);
  • reduce to a minimum any internal leakages;
  • provide ease of installation and serving.

The logic units 2/2 are formed by a cover (1), a functional unit (2), a spacer (3), a closure spring (4) and a guide bush (5) for each functional unit. Covers can be changed according to the required application and the functional unit can be combined with different springs in order to obtain various opening pressure.

Covers serve to enclose the functional unit and to house the piloting ports and any incorporated valves or manual adjustment devices. Inside the cover are housed also the seats for the calibrated orifice used to optimize the valve opening/closed response time in according to the type of hydraulic system being implemented.

CETOP 3 interface covers are available, ready to accept solenoid valves or other modular valves for the implementation of particular control functions.

The maximum allowed pressure is a function of the flow rate (max.400 bar).

see Aron Online Catelog

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