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1/4"bsp Hose Burst Check Cartridge - VP07

1/4"bsp Hose Burst Check Cartridge - VP07


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Cartridge Valves

Hose Burst Check


One-way check valves type VP.. are mounted directly onto the cylinder ports to prevent uncontrolled load drop in case of hydraulic system failure. A disc supported in the raised position by a spring allows A→ A1 free flow. Under normal conditions reverse flow A1→A takes place as usual, but should the reverse (reaction) flow rate go beyond the value set for the valve, the disc will position itself in such a way as to interrupt completely or partially the A1 →A a flow. Total or partial A1 →A flow shut-off is ensured in the first case by a nearly perfect disk seal on the valve seat, which allows the load blocking in the position it happens to be at the moment of failure. In the second case, on the other hand, a choked opening provided on the disk allows for a blow-by to take place in the direction A1→A, such as to make the load drop slowly. These valves are manufactured in heattreated steel.

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