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Proportional Flow Control - 24VDC XQ3C.1.S.2.S.G.00.2

Proportional Flow Control - 24VDC  XQ3C.1.S.2.S.G.00.2


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Solenoid Operated Proportional Control Valves 24VDC

Cetop 3

Proportional flow control 24VDC


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This is a proportional valve where both the flow rate and pressure control flow functions have been integrated according to the 3 way regulation concept.

The interface UNI ISO 4401 - 03 - 02 - 0 - 94 standard (ex CETOP R 35 H 4.2-4-03) allows for direct mounting on modular block or multiple sub-bases, which makes possible many advantageous and extremely compact application solution as a consequence of their simplicity of installation.

The 3 way type pressure compensator, inserted into the valve, holds the pressure drop across the flow rate proportional regulator constant (approx. 8 bar) independently from the controlled load variations, whereby ensuring proportional between the set flow rate and the electrical comm2.S.G.00.2nd signal.

Additionally, the system maximum safety pressure can be regulated through a manual command. This valve, if mounted on the feed line to the manifold block, can be used to control several circuits which are not operating at the same time.


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