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Explosion Proof Hazardous Area - AD3XGT4.16.E.M.001

Explosion Proof Hazardous Area  - AD3XGT4.16.E.M.001


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Cetop 3 / NG06 Explosion Proof Hazardous Area

24vdc Explosion proof EEx"d" standard - Single

Part: AD3XGT4.16.E.M.001

AD3.XG solenoid valves are classified in: Group II appliances (to be used in workplaces, apart from mines, where there is the probability of explosive atmospheres);

category 2 (high protection level), for use in workplaces where it is probable that an explosive atmosphere may form in normal working conditions and classified by the presence of explosive mixtures of gas-dust type (letter GD) for zones 1, 2 and 21, 22.

These valves are therefore designed especially and manufactured in compliance with the ATEX 94/9/EC Directive and according to European regulations EN 1127-1, EN 13463-1 and EN 13463-5. Belonging to the "NG06 direction control" of Aron range, these valves are prepared for plate- mounting with attachment surface in compliance with UNI ISO 4401 - 03 - 02 - 0 - 94 (former CETOP R 35 H 4.2-4-03). They are activated electrically and the centre position is ensured by springs with gauged lengths, which once the pulse or command ceases, re-position the spool in the centre or at the end of travel position.

The coils used for these valves are subject to separate conformity certification, according to the ATEX Directive (EC-type). For further specifications, please consult the documents that are always supplied with the valve.

Before marking and marketing the valves of the AD3XG series, undergo tests and inspections according to the in-house Manufacturing System and to the Certified Company Quality System in compliance with ISO 9001:2008. All of the AD3XG valve series undergo 100% functional testing. These tests and inspections guarantee that the products sold comply with all the information reported in the Technical Specifications File registered and declared by marking with AD3X/ATEX/10.


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Explosion Proof Hazardous Area - AD3XGt4.16.E.M.001