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Dual Pressure Relief Unloader Valve Unit BA130.U3.C3.00.1

Dual Pressure Relief Unloader Valve Unit BA130.U3.C3.00.1


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Dual pressure Relief Unloader Valve Unit

The low/high pressure groups are usually employed in hydraulic systems fed by dual pumps that form a single pressure circuit. The main feature of this system consists in being able to set a pressure value in correspondence of which one of the two pumping sections is changed over to drain.

These groups are fitted with an adjustable maximum pressure valve to protect the hydraulic system. 2 pressure adjustment ranges are available for the exclusion valve, which is fitted with a steel seat, while the maximum pressure valve type CMP10 is available with 3 adjustment ranges.

Minimum permissible setting pressure depending on the spring: see cartridge valve type CMP10.

The series connection modular small block (BC.5.32) or the parallel connection type (BC.5.30) with blanking plate (BC.5.40) and the solenoid valve should be ordered separately.

For the subplate mounting ordering code see "Subplates" chapter; whilst for the valve ordering code see "Directional control valves" chapter.

The CETOP5/NG10 connector blocks have 3 rods.

Click here for technical information (pdf)

 Part Number: BA.130.U3.C3.00.1


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Dual Pressure Relief Unloader Valve Unit BA130.U3.C3.00.1 - Aron System Manifold Low High Pressure Unit