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927 Mechanical Push Puller - 10 Ton Capacity

927 Mechanical Push Puller - 10 Ton Capacity


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927 Mechanical Push Puller - 10 Ton Capacity

For removing and installing gears, bearings, pulleys and other press-fitted parts.

  • Can apply a pushing or pulling force, depending on how the puller is set up.
  • Optional leg kits adapt your Push-Puller® to extra long or extra short reach.
  • A wide variety of threaded adapters, bearing pulling attachments and internal pulling attachments can be used in combination with our Push-Pullers.®

Selection and capacity rating – Each Push-Puller’s specified tonnage “capacity” is determined using its standard legs in tension. Using longer legs, or a setup in which the legs are in compression, will reduce the “capacity”. Always select the largest “capacity” puller and the shortest legs that will fit the job.


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927 Mechanical Push Pullers