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PE552-50-220 Electric Pump

PE552-50-220 Electric Pump


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PE552-50-220 Electric Pump

  • 11/8 hp, 12,000 rpm, 110/115 volt, 50/60 Hz universal motor; draws 25 amps at full load, starts at reduced voltage. CSA rated for intermittent duty.
  • 10 foot remote motor control (except PE552S which has a 25 foot remote motor and valve control).
  • True unloading valve achieves greater pump efficiency, allowing higher flows at maximum pressure.
  • Reservoirs available in sizes up to 10 gallons. See accessories page 119. • Light weight and portable. Best weight to performance ratio of all Power Team pumps.
  • “Assemble to Order” System: There are times when a custom pump is required. Power Team’s “Assemble to Order” system allows you to choose from a wide range of pre-engineered, off-theshelf components to build a customized pump to fit specific requirements. By selecting standard components you get a “customized” pump without “customized” prices. All pumps come fully assembled, less oil and ready for work.


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