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PG120HM Two Speed Pump

PG120HM Two Speed Pump


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PG120HM Two Speed Pump

  • Two-speed high performance pumps ideal for construction, structure moving and rigging applications. 
  • A logical choice at work sites where electricity or compressed air are unavailable. For single- or doubleacting cylinders at operating pressures to 10,000 psi. 
  • All gasoline engine/hydraulic pumps feature “Posi-Check®” valve to guard against pressure loss when valve is shifted from “advance” to “hold”. 
  • PG1200 Series pumps powered by a Honda 4-cycle, 5.5 hp engine with automatic decompression and electronic ignition. Deliver over 1⁄2 gallon (130 cu. in.) of oil per minute at 10,000 psi. 
  • A 5 gallon reservoir means adequate capacity for multi-cylinder applications. Dual element air cleaner protects engine from dusty environments. Heavy duty “roll cage” provides pickup points for lifting. Horizontal bars on PG1203, PG1204 and PG1204S protect unit, provide hand holds for carrying. 
  • Rubber anti-skid insulation on bottom of reservoir resists skidding and dampens vibration. PG1200M-4 and PG1200M-4D include a pump cart with 12" wheels. 
  • Adjustable external pressure regulator.


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