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SJ2010DA Post Tension & Stressing Jack - 20 ton 215mm stroke

SJ2010DA Post Tension & Stressing Jack - 20 ton 215mm stroke


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SJ2010DA Post Tension & Stressing Jack 20ton 215mm stroke

  • Power Team Monostrand Stressing Jacks are the most durable in the industry. 
  • Ideally suited for work on slab-on-grade where dirt, heat and high volume use take their toll. 
  • Available in single- or doubleacting models. 
  • Standard single-acting units have a 10" stroke. Other stroke lengths are available on special order. 
  • Dead-end seaters for production work and field work available on special order. (Part #400120) 
  • Service repair is simple; components are long lasting and easily replaced.
  • 3" detachable seater nose assembly easily replaced with optional 6" nose assembly. 
  • The jack of choice for highrise and elevated work, thanks to fast return time and light weight. 
  • All hydraulic fluid controls are interior designed; more efficient and safer operation during tensioning and retraction. 
  • Standard double-acting units have an 81/2" stroke; others available on special order. 
  • Specially designed Power Team Control Valves are available for post tensioning jacks.


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