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7393 Gear & Pulley Pullers - 5/8" 140mm Long Screw

7393 Gear & Pulley Pullers - 5/8" 140mm Long Screw


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7393 Adapters

Gear and pulley pullers – Ideal for pulling many small parts having tapped holes. The Nos. 7392 and 7393 may be used with the No. 1122 pulling attachment to remove bearings, etc. Pullers include two hex head cap screws, 3/8" – 16 NC x 3" long. Spread: 11/2"–41/4". Width of puller block is 47/8". Cap screws are not included with the No. 522, but any cap screws up to 1/2" diameter may be used. No. 522 spread, when used with 1/2" dia. cap screws, is 2"–73/4". Width of the No. 522 puller block is 81/4".

4-in-1 puller set – You can quickly assemble a 2- or 3-jaw puller with standard or long reach jaws.

Flange type puller – Slotted holes in puller body permit cap screws to be positioned to handle bolt-circle diameters from 11/2" to 45/8".

Metric adapters – Add metric capability to your Push-Puller® legs or forcing screws! Four separate metric kits available with a variety of sizes for your Push-Puller® legs or forcing screws! Each packaged in a convenient plastic organizer case.


Female threaded adapters - Use these adapters on the ends of Push-Puller® forcing screws, legs, or slide hammers in the removal and installation of shafts, axles, and housings.

Male-female threaded adapters – These adapters are used on ends of Push-Puller® legs, with forcing screws or slide hammers to assist in pulling shafts, bearing caps, pinions, and many other parts.

Step plate adapter sets – Power Team step plate adapters are necessary for pulling and installing bearings, gears, or other parts on hollow shafts or housings. Puller screw forces against step plate adapter, as shown at right. May be used with Power Team jaw-type pullers, Push-Pullers® and shop presses.

Shaft protector set -- Power Team shaft protectors are designed to protect shaft centers from distortion when extreme pressures are applied with jaw-type pullers or Push-Pullers®. Shaft protectors are inserted between the end of the puller screw and the shaft.


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