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Enforcer 55 - PH553CL/E220

Enforcer 55 - PH553CL/E220


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Enforcer 55 - PH553CL/E220

Min Spred: 63.5mm
Reach Min Spread: 829mm
Max Spread: 1149mm
Reach Max Spread: 737mm
Overall Length: 2591mm
Cyl Stroke: 159mm
Power Source Requirements: 230V, 50Hz, 15 Amp Cap
Prod Weight: 366kg

  1. Hydraulic lift system for easy, precise position of puller.
  2. Unique dual pump arrangement: Low pressure pump positions, holds and opens jaws. The high pressure pump advances and retracts the pushing cylinder without releasing clamped jaws.
  3. Hydraulically-actuated jaws. Cylinder moves in or out to provide a safe, secure grip on workpiece.
  4. Puller can be assembled in 2 or 3 jaw configurations.
  5. Choice of cylinder with a 61/4" or 131/4" stroke.
  6. Self-centering: Center cylinder on work; puller jaws will automatically grip work evenly.
  7. Super Grip-O-Matic® feature means the harder the pull, the tighter the puller jaws grip. No chains or cages required to keep puller jaws from slipping or springing off the part being pulled.
  8. Guards at pinch points protect operator.
  9. Cart's swivel casters give ease of mobility.
  10. Large wheels make movement of cart easy.
  11. Puller can be mounted on cart 90 degrees to right or left of puller cart centerline, permitting use in tight quarters, such as between machinery.


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Enforcer 55 - PH553CL/E220