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9049 High Performance Pulsation Dampener

9049 High Performance Pulsation Dampener


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9049 High performance pulsation dampener.

1/4" NPTF male * 1/4" NPTF female connection.

Heavy-duty Hydraulic Pressure Gauges 

  • Gauges feature an easily readable and highly visible, red day-glo needle. 
  • High strength steel bourdon tube ensures high cycle life. 
  • Stainless steel cases and lens locking rings.
  • 100mm gauge filled with silicone as standard. 
  • Have 1/4" NPT connections.

Digital Pressure Gauges 

  • Accurate to within 1%. 
  • Larger display characters than ordinary digital gauges. 
  • Long-life pressure transducer. 
  • 1/4" NPTF male threads for the pressure connection.
  • 6-foot signal input cable connects to back of display unit.


  • Pressure values are displayed on large red LEDs in 10 psi or bar increments. 
  • “Peak” hold feature with reset toggle switch and “Peak On” indicator; Hi/Low set point feature with relay outputs for Hi/Low alarms and/or control signals. 
  • A slow flashing display indicates pressure below the low limit; fast blinking display alerts if limit is exceeded. 
  • High and low limit relays are rated to 5 amps at 115 volts. 
  • Operating temperature of 0-140°F for the electronic display and -20 to 180°F for the transducer. Gauge housings are extruded aluminum 1/8 DIN enclosures (NEMA 1 rating). 
  • When power cable is connected to gauge, display will scroll all characters, performing a selfdiagnostic routine.


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